Bolivia Repairing Carrasco-Cochabamba Gas Pipeline

(Energy Analytics Institute, Ian Silverman, 27.Nov.2019) — Bolivia commenced operations to repair a 200-meter section of the Carrasco-Cochabamba Gas pipeline damaged by an explosion that left the industrial sector of Cochabamba, La Paz and Oruro without power supply.

Work has started and shortly normalization of gas flows are expected to the industrial sector, reported local newspaper La Razón, citing Bolivia’s Hydrocarbon Minister Víctor Hugo Zamora.

Bolivia’s state oil company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) announced 13. Nov. that the pipeline — which transports natural gas to the markets of Cochabamba, Oruro and La Paz — was forced to halt operations due to an untimely pressure drop for reasons still not determined.

Later, the ministry reported the incident at the pipeline was caused by an attack following social demonstrations in the region.


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