Energy Analytics Institute (EAI) is a Houston-based independent organization specializing in energy market research and analysis as well as providing breaking news, reports, commentaries, and opinions related to the petroleum and petroleum-related sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean. In 2017, EAI assumed 100 percent of the operations of Houston-based LatinPetroleum, Inc., dba as LatinPetroleum.com, and its Caracas-based affiliate Editores LatinPetroleum, C.A.

EAI provides educational consultancy and training, and delivers professional advice to individuals, companies and organizations interested in the upstream, downstream, and midstream energy sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean with a focus on Venezuela.

Texas Corporate Charter #800-624-190
EIN #26-0435-194

Consulting Services
Energy Analytics Institute (EAI) provides general consulting services to clients interested in the energy sectors of Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of delivering expertise and decision-making assistance to individuals, businesses, governments and investment leaders from around the world.

EAI’s research team has extensive experience in quantitative, qualitative and fundamental research techniques and their application in the global energy industry.

EAI’s principal consultants have numerous years of experience and have worked on a broad range of energy projects primarily in the upstream sector ranging from but not limited to production and price forecasting; finding, development and acquisition (FD&A) cost analysis; income and cash flow statement analysis and forecasting; net asset value (NAV) formulation; initial public offering (IPO) pricing; as well as other analysis relevant to the valuation of energy markets, and public and private companies.

Media Mentions

EAI executives have been quoted in media outlets worldwide including but not limited to The New York Times (front page), The Financial Times, The Guardian, USA Today, Business Week, Newsday, The Observer, Bloomberg, The Christian Science Monitor, The Houston Chronicle, The Miami Herald, The Associated Press (AP), Agence France Presse (AFP), Globovision (Venezuela), Valor Economico (Brazil), Business Week, Petroleum Economist, Launch Magazine (Trinidad), CNN Español, Bristish Broadcast Corporation (BBC) TV and Radio, Channel 4 (UK), Caracol (Colombia), National Public Radio (USA) and the Swedish.SE, among others.