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College students, recent graduates and other professionals worldwide (especially in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, Suriname, and the rest of the Latin American and Caribbean region; Africa, the Middle East, Asia or Europe) are encouraged to apply to the EAI NRG Ambassador Internship Program offered by Energy Analytics Institute (EAI).

The program, which last a minimum of 12-month, is unpaid, and includes virtual coaching and training for applicants aspiring to become multi-format journalists, petroleum sector, and/or political, economic or financial professionals.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to coverage of breaking news about economics, finance, technology, business, politics, government, environmental issues, and the petroleum sector. EAI NRG Ambassadors work remotely but are required to produce a minimum of 2 stories per month or 24 stories during the 1-year internship period (a minimum of 600 words per article). EAI NRG Ambassadors are encouraged to pitch and write longer stories, conduct interviews, attend forums, press conferences and events.

While the EAI NRG Ambassador Internship Program is unpaid, participants benefit from the following to jump-start their careers:

1. Gain valuable work experience
2. Explore a new career path
3. Give yourself an edge in the job market
4. Develop and refine skills
5. Network with professionals in the field
6. Gain confidence
7. Transition into a job

Interested applications should submit a CV and brief cover letter stating why they are interested in the EAI NRG Ambassador Internship Program and what they wish to achieve through the program. Emails should be sent to energy-analytics-institute[at] with EAI NRG Ambassador + [Country] in the subject line (i.e. EAI NRG Ambassador – Guyana or EAI NRG Ambassador – Suriname).