B2B And B2C Transactions

EAI facilitates business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions for small-to-medium enterprises who already sell products and services to other businesses or consumers or are looking to enter the Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

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Forums, Seminars And Speaking Events

EAI hosts forums and seminars with important petroleum sector officials as well as company executives, and also host individual speaking engagements related to investments and opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

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Breaking News And Project Updates

EAI provides timely breaking news from third-parties as well as original unbiased news, reports, commentaries, and opinions related to the petroleum and petroleum-related sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean regions.

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Energy Education Initiative

Energy Analytics Institute’s “Energy Education Initiative,” also known as “NRG ED,” is structured to work with K-12 schools, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, workforce training programs, communities and businesses with the aim of promoting ways to reduce fossil fuel energy usage and waste in favor of usage of renewable energies.


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