Petrobras’ Teasers For REGAP, REMAN, LUBNOR And SIX Refineries

(Petrobras, 13.Sep.2019) — Petrobras, following up on the releases disclosed on April 26, 2019 and June 28, 2019, reports the beginning of the opportunity disclosure stage (teasers) regarding the second phase of sale processes of downstream assets and associated logistics in Brazil, which includes: Gabriel Passos Refinery (REGAP) in Minas Gerais, Isaac Sabbá Refinery (REMAN) in Amazonas, Lubrificantes e Derivados de Petróleo do Nordeste (LUBNOR) in Ceará and Shale Industrialization Unit (SIX) in Paraná, as well as their corresponding logistics assets. 

Teasers of this phase, which contains key asset information and eligibility criteria for selection of potential participants, is available on Petrobras website.

Subsequent stages of the project will be reported to the market in due course, pursuant to Petrobras’ Divestment Methodology and Decree 9.188/2017.

Downstream divestments are in line with the company’s portfolio optimization and improvement of capital allocation to maximize value for our shareholders.

About the refineries

REGAP, located in the city of Betim, Minas Gerais, has a processing capacity of 166,000 barrels/day (7% of Brazil’s total oil downstream capacity) and its assets include a set of pipelines of over 720 km. 

REMAN, located in Manaus, State of Amazonas, has a processing capacity of 46,000 barrels/day and its assets include a storage terminal. 

LUBNOR, located in Fortaleza, Ceará, has a processing capacity of 8,000 barrels/day and is one of the national leaders in asphalt production and the only one in the country to produce naphthenic lubricants. 

SIX, located in São Mateus do Sul, Paraná, has an installed capacity of 6,000 barrels/day and its assets include a mine in one of the largest oil shale reserves in the world and a shale processing plant


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