Petrobras Receives Transparency Trophy 2022

(Petrobras, 24.Aug.2022) — Petrobras was elected one of the ten companies with the most transparent financial statements in Brazil in the category of companies with net revenues over R$20bn. The recognition is granted annually by the National Association of Finance, Administration, and Accounting Executives (Anefac) to the Brazilian companies with the best quality and transparency in their financial statements.

This is the sixth consecutive year that Petrobras wins the Anefac award. Over the 26 years of the Transparency Trophy, the company’s financial statements have been awarded 20 times. This recognition for consecutive years shows that transparency is a fundamental value for Petrobras. The company remains committed to the quality and transparency of its reports, communications, and financial statements.

The classification is made based on a rigorous technical analysis of the financial statements published by companies based in Brazil that operate in the commercial, industrial, and service areas. Criteria such as transparency, clarity and consistency of information, adherence to accounting standards, among others, are evaluated. The award ceremony will be held in São Paulo, on 25 Oct. 2022.