Colombia Production Down 2% On National Strike, Protests, Road Blockages

(Energy Analytics Institute, 10.May.2021) — An ongoing national strike, peaceful protests, social unrest and road blockages in Colombia have taken a toll on the country’s petroleum sector, including crude oil production and fuel consumption, in the first week on May 2021.

Eleven Colombian departments are at high risk of gasoline and diesel shortages, while six departments are at high risk of residential gas shortages, Colombia’s Mines and Energy Minister Diego Mesa announced over social media on 10 May 2021.

Oil Production Impact

Oil production is down 2% in the first week of May 2021, Mesa said, adding that the country has stopped producing around 105,291 barrels in the first seven days of the month.

Colombia’s oil production averaged 744,715 barrels per day in March 2021, according to the ministry’s most recent data.

Fuel Impacts

Approximately 5,189 service stations in Colombia (93% of total) have reported reductions of 50% or more in sales in the first week of May.

Likewise, consumption of diesel was down 38.5%, gasoline consumption was down 19.3%, jet fuel consumption was down 54.3%, while electricity consumption was down 7.1%, the minister added.


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