Nickel Rock Resources Targets Lithium Clay

(Nickel Rock Resources, 21.Jan.2021) — Nickel Rock Resources Inc. reported that prior to implementing a reconnaissance drilling campaign on its 100% owned Clayton Valley Project adjoining a western portion of neighbouring lithium producer Albemarle’s evaporation ponds a staking program is now in progress. This new staking program is expanding our current land position and targeting known sedimentary horizons with potential for lithium bearing clay horizons.

Momentum for this new program stems from Albemarle’s recent announcement that it will commence exploration of clay and evaluate technology that could accelerate the viability of lithium production from clay resources in the region. As reported by Albemarle in the Globe & Mail on 11 January 2021 “As a leader in the lithium industry, our priority is to optimize our world-class resources and production. This includes Silver Peak, a site uniquely positioned as the only lithium-producing resource in the United States,” said Eric Norris, Albemarle President, Lithium. “This investment in domestic capacity shows that we are committed to looking at the many ways in which Silver Peak can provide domestic support for the growing EV market.”

Source: Nickel Rock Resources Inc.

Robert Setter, President & CEO comments” It is apparent that lithium extraction in Clayton Valley from both lithium brine and lithium clays is fast becoming a reality and Nickel Rock needs to be part of that reality. In the months ahead we will complete our first reconnaissance drilling campaign to evaluate the potential for lithium bearing brines as well as lithium bearing clays. We are excited to begin this journey on the property.”