Argentina’s Gas Output At 125.5 MMcm/d Thru August

(Energy Analytics Institute, 6.Nov.2020) — Argentina’s production of natural gas averaged 125.5 million cubic meters per day (MMcm/d) or 4.43 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) in the eight months between January and August of 2020, according to data from the country’s Energy Secretariat.

Argentina’s two biggest producers were YPF and Total Austral, which produced 28% and 25.7% respectively of the country’s total gas production in the eight-month period.

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Other significant producers included: Tecpetrol, Pan American Energy, Pampa Energia, Compañía General de Combustibles, Pluspetrol and ENAP Sipetrol Argentina, among others.

Argentina Gas Production (Jan.-Aug. 2020)MMcm/d% Of Total
YPF S.A.35.128.0%
Total Austral S.A.32.225.7%
Tecpetrol S.A.14.211.3%
Pan American Energy SL13.210.5%
Pampa Energia S.A.6.04.8%
Compañía General de Combustibles S.A.5.14.1%
Pluspetrol S.A.4.63.7%
ENAP Sipetrol Argentina S.A.3.93.1%
Capex S.A.1.81.5%
Vista Oil & Gas Argentina SAU1.61.3%
Exxonmobil Exploration Argentina S.R.L.1.51.2%
Pluspetrol Energy S.A.1.20.9%
Sinopec Argentina Exploration and Production, Inc.1.10.8%
Oilstone Energia S.A.0.90.7%
Petroquimica Comodoro Rivadavia S.A.0.80.7%
Roch S.A.0.70.6%
Shell Argentina S.A.0.30.2%
Chevron Argentina S.R.L.0.20.2%
Selva Maria Oil S.A.0.20.2%
Geopark Argentina Ltd.0.20.1%
Petroleos Sudamericanos S.A.0.10.1%
Compañías Asociadas Petroleras S.A.0.10.1%
Medanito S.A.0.10.1%
President Petroleum S.A.0.10.1%
Madalena Energy Argentina SRL0.10.1%
Petrofaro S.A.0.00.0%
Petrolera El Trebol S.A.0.00.0%
Wintershall DEA Argentina S.A0.00.0%
San Jorge Petroleum S.A.0.00.0%
Jemse – Jujuy Energia y Mineria S. E.0.00.0%
Pampetrol S.A.P.E.M0.00.0%
Petrolera Aconcagua Energia S.A.0.00.0%
Colhue Huapi S.A.0.00.0%
Capetrol Argentina S.A.0.00.0%
Chañare Energia S.A.0.00.0%
Kilwer S.A.0.00.0%
Ingenieria Alpa S.A.0.00.0%
Energia Compañía Petrolera S.A.0.00.0%
Petrominera Chubut S.E.0.00.0%
Quintana E&P Argentina S.R.L.0.00.0%
High Luck Group Ltd.0.00.0%
Alianza Petrolera Argentina S.A.0.00.0%
CRI Holding, Inc.0.00.0%
Interenergy Argentina S.A.0.00.0%
Capetrol S.A.0.00.0%
Copesa Cia Cconstructora Petrolera SA0.00.0%
Crown Point Energia S.A.0.00.0%
Energicon S.A.0.00.0%
Grecoil y Cia. S.R.L.0.00.0%
Hattrick Energy SAS0.00.0%
Ingenieria Sima S.A.0.00.0%
Oil M&S S.A.0.00.0%
Petrolera del Comahue S.A.0.00.0%
Petrolera Pampa S.A.0.00.0%
Petrolera Piedra del Aguila S.A.0.00.0%
Petrolera San Miguel S.A.0.00.0%
Total Production125.5100.0%
Source: Argentina’s Energy Secretariat  


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