Trinidad’s Energy Minister Provides Annual Video Update

(Energy Analytics Institute, 31.Dec.2021) — Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Energy and Energy Industries Stuart Young commented in an annual video update from Port of Spain on key oil, gas and renewable achievements announced by the ministry in 2021.

What follows are excerpts from his video briefing:

— “We are doing the necessary studies to reduce our carbon emissions and bring us in line with our commitments.”

— “We’re looking at carbon sequestration, injection and capture… and a two-part solar park project (112.2 MW) undertaken by Lighsource bp in collaboration with Shell and bp.”

— The government is also eying its electric vehicle policy and potential for significant oil production from a joint venture between Heritage and EOG.

— The government intends to keep “pushing the gas industry and keeping it competitive.”

— The government continues to eye the Matapal and Cassia C projects which will assist bp in keeping its gas supply consistent; on the Shell side, the Colibri and Barracuda projects are also again increasing and keeping Shell’s gas production consistent over the next few years.”

— “The big one for us here in Trinidad and Tobago that will keep us in the gas game for decades to come” was the signing of the PSC with Shell for the 2.7 Tcf Manatee field, part of the Loran-Manatee cross border gas field.

— The government is also waiting for BHP to compete is appraisal at its Calypso deep water project; “deep water gas will help us and take us forward in the future with our gas production.”

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