Petrobras Reports Record S-10 Diesel Production, Sales

(Petrobras, 7.Oct.2020) — Petrobras reports that in September, for the fourth month in a row, it surpassed the record production of S-10 low sulfur diesel, reaching the 1.89 million m³ mark. Also, in September, Petrobras reached the sales record of the same product when 1.91 million m³ were sold.

The growth in production of the S-10 Diesel fuel occurs in recent years due to greater demand for the product in Brazil, which follows the evolution of heavy-duty and utility vehicle engines powered by diesel, which are responsible for most of the circulation of goods in the national territory. The record sales of low-sulfur diesel reflects the commercial actions implemented by the company to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on fuel demand and our successful efforts to expand the supply of the product with lower sulfur content, replacing the S-500 Diesel.

The production record of S-10 Diesel has been surpassed since June, when 1.63 million m³ were produced, a mark surpassed in July (1.81 million m³) and August (1.84 million m³).  Sales of the product in September exceeded by 7.3% the previous record sales of 1.78 million m³, recorded in July 2020.