Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference 23-25 January 2023

(Trinidad and Tobago Energy Chamber, 15.Dec.2022) — The Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference takes place at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain from 23-25 January 2023.


The oil and gas industry has a central role to play in the energy transition globally, regionally and locally.  Over the past century the industry has developed the skills and delivered the energy that has built the modern world. Over the next two decades the industry must turn its skills and knowledge to the challenge of continuing to deliver more energy, but now without the associated carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. 

Trinidad & Tobago is one of the world’s oldest hydrocarbon provinces and a leader in the safe and efficient delivery of oil, natural gas and petrochemicals. Over many decades the country has developed extensive expertise, knowledge and skills. Drawing on local, regional and global experiences the conference will explore how the industry’s expertise and knowledge can be leveraged to drive the energy transition in the Caribbean and beyond.

Theme: Navigating a complex energy future

The ever-changing energy landscape continues to highlight complex relationships and the delicate balance throughout the energy value chain. The last two years have challenged leaders in ways that no one would have imagined and while we look forward to some sense of short-term normalcy, we know that things may never be the same again.

Continued pressure to decarbonize along with increasing demand for energy will continue to change the way upstream and downstream commodities are delivered to market. Surging temperatures in North America and Europe alongside geopolitical pressures have also brought energy security back into the spotlight, even in developed countries. These changes can throw off long term planning in the energy sector and alters the way companies attract capital to execute projects.

During the T&T Energy Conference in 2023, the Energy Chamber will bring these issues to the spotlight and chart a course as an industry to help companies from the upstream, downstream and energy services sector to navigate the complex energy future.


NOTE: Energy Analytics Institute (EAI) is an official media partner for this event.