NRGBriefs: Barinas Governor Election in Venezuela

(Energy Analytics Institute, 9.Jan.2022) — Energy briefs including results from the 9 Jan. 2022 governor election in Venezuela’s Barinas state; and the Deer Park refinery sale to Pemex surviving a court challenge in a federal court in Houston.



— The Deer Park refinery sale to Pemex survived a court challenge on 6 Jan. 2022 when in federal court in Houston Chief Judge Lee H. Rosenthal denied the plaintiff’s petition for a temporary restraining order and expedited discovery, Baker & Associates’ George Baker wrote 8 Jan. 2022 in a research note to clients.


— Initial results from Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) at 11pm showed Sergio Garrido (MUD) w/ 55.36% of the votes vs Jorge Arreaza (PSUV) w/ 41.27% of the votes. Claudio Fermin (Alianza Democratica) took just 1.77% of the votes, according to details posted by CNE on its website.

— “The biggest loser in Barinas is Nicolás Maduro, whose terrible government caused the rejection of the people,” former PDVSA President Rafael Ramírez. “Jorge Arreaza is a profiteer and traitor to Chávez. An opportunist who has risen to power using a borrowed last name. Barinas opens the doors to the Recall Referendum,” said Ramírez, who also served as Venezuela’s oil and mining minister under Chávez.


By Ian Silverman, Aaron Simonsky and Piero Stewart. © Energy Analytics Institute (EAI). All Rights Reserved.