Sorcia Minerals Adds New Salar In Chile

(Sorcia, 19.Aug.2021) — Sorcia Chile SPA (Sorcia), a subsidiary of the US company, Sorcia Minerals LLC, reached a new agreement with RJR Salar, to expand the territory to explore lithium reserves in 9,000 hectares of the Salar de Tambo, near the town of Colchane, border with Bolivia.

The agreement is in addition to the one signed in May, also with RJR, for the exploration of another 2,100 hectares in the Salar de Maricunga. Sorcia intends to utilize an innovative, highly sustainable technology, developed by the Canadian company, International Battery Metals (IBAT), and licensed by Sorcia Minerals LLC.  This technology allows for the production of Lithium through Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE), without utilizing evaporation pools [and without leaving any type of rejection on the salars], and recovering and reinjecting more than 90% of the extracted brine in its natural state, so the absorption of water resources are minimum.

The development and exploration of these salars will be carried out in conjunction with the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), SORCIA’s strategic partner for research, development and implementation of new technologies that are sustainable for the non-metallic mining industry. Through the use of IBAT´s noninvasive modular mobile lithium extraction facilities, the operation and facilities can be dismantled, without damaging or modifying the structure of the salar.

As it nears completion of its the first commercial plant which will be integral to providing feedstock to our planned hydroxide roll out in Europe, Sorcia and its strategic partner, USACH, are excited to meet the growing worldwide demand for lithium while being environmentally conscious through the use of cleaner technologies to preserve resources and guarantee the living conditions of local communities.