Bolivia Briefs: Diesel Subsidy Funding; Añez On Economy

(Energy Analytics Institute, 6.Nov.2020) — Energy and economic briefs from land-locked Bolivia regarding issues related to funding for the country’s diesel subsidy and interim president Jeanine Añez saying the economy is rising.

Bolivia Faces Diesel Subsidy Funding Issues

(Energy Analytics Institute, 6.Nov.2020) — Bolivia could be in a position in which the new government doesn’t have resources to cover its diesel subsidy.

The details were reported by the daily newspaper La Razón on 6 November 2020, citing Bolivia’s economic minister Branko Marinkovic, who added that the signing of the gas deals with Brazil “caused terrible damage,” without providing details.

Bolivia’s Interim President Añez Says Economy Rising

(Energy Analytics Institute, 6.Nov.2020) — Bolivia’s interim president Jeanine Añez announced that she was turning over the country to the new government with the pandemic under control and the economy on the rise.

Añez also said she was leaving the country with a well-established democracy.

“I thank the Bolivians for accompanied me in these achievements,” she wrote 6 November 2020 in a Twitter post.


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