Petrobras Signs Onto PACI At World Economic Forum

(Petrobras, 9.Sep.2020) — Petrobras has again become a signatory to the anti-corruption initiative Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) of the World Economic Forum. 

PACI is the leading international anti-corruption organization with compliance officers from large multinationals, international organizations and governments. The initiative acts as a global platform for collective action, working so that companies can maximize their collective impact in the fight against corruption through the exchange of experiences, guarantee conditions of fair competition and create more healthy and transparent markets.

Participation in PACI gives Petrobras the opportunity to discuss and contribute with market players on the best practices for transparency and fighting corruption, enabling the improvement of the company’s processes and the incorporation of new tools and work methodologies. Petrobras was a member of the organization from 2005 to 2014.

The return is a recognition of the company’s efforts to promote transparency and fight corruption in recent years. In a letter sent to the company, PACI highlighted that “Petrobras’ leadership will make a significant contribution to the initiative”.

Over the past few years, Petrobras has been implementing several measures of governance, transparency and compliance, working to disseminate a culture of integrity among its employees and their counterparts, including several training actions, in line with the best practices that have been adopted by the largest companies in the world that have achieved quality and excellence in preventing fraud and corruption.