Bioenergy Gets Restructuring Authorization

(Ecopetrol, 12.Mar.2020) — Ecopetrol S.A. published the release from its subordinate Bioenergy S.A.S, that together with Bioenergy Zona Franca S.A.S., were admitted in the reorganization process by the Superintendence of Companies under Law 1116 of 2006, which will allow them to organize financial, administrative and operational aspects to preserve their sustainability.

See Bioenergy’s release here.

Bioenergy Gets Authorization To Begin Restructuring Process

Bioenergy S.A.S. and Bioenergy Zona Franca S.A.S. (hereinafter Bioenergy) received authorization from the Superintendence of Companies to enter into a restructuring process. This process is governed by Law 1116 of 2006, which purpose is to protect the Company’s financial obligations and recover and preserve it as a viable business venture and a source of employment.

The grounds for Bioenergy to enter into this process were mostly due to a decrease in the expected agricultural production and a deterioration of market conditions, which make the current debt level unsustainable.

With this authorization, Bioenergy expects to enter into agreements with its main creditors and generate liquidity alternatives to preserve its sustainability.

About Bioenergy

Bioenergy is the largest agro-industrial complex in the Colombian highlands. Since its entry into operation in 2017, it has produced a total of 154 million liters of ethanol. The plant has an installed production capacity of 100 million liters of ethanol per year, 35 MWh of electrical energy and cane processing capacity of 1.5 million tons per year, i.e., 6,800 tons of cane per day. It currently has 20,585 productive hectares for the planting of sugarcane. The produced ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 74%, which contributes to improving air quality in Colombia.


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