PetroPerú Reports Oil Leak Along Km 323 Of ONP

(Energy Analytics Institute, Ian Silverman, 2.Jan.2019) — PetroPerú announced that as a consequence of a slight pressure drop at Station 5, and futher inspection, a minor oil leak was detected at Km 323 of Section II of the Norperuano Pipeline (ONP).

Source: PetroPerú

Km 323 is located in the jurisdiction of the Santa Rosa community, Manseriche district, Datem del Marañón province, Loreto region, the company announced in an statement on its website.

At the time of the incident, Section II of the ONP, was not in operation, as pumping along the section had been halted as part of a scheduled stoppage, the company said.

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The company has initiated contingency efforts to find out what caused the incident. No further details were revealed.


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