Ndustrial Expands Industrial Energy Platform into LatAm

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(Ndustrial, 18.Jun.2024) — Ndustrial, the AI-powered energy intensity platform for industry, is expanding its presence throughout Latin America to meet strong customer demand to drive down industrial energy costs and emissions.

The company is deploying its technology at more than a dozen industrial facilities from Chile to Mexico, with native functionality in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Local users can view data in their local currency, while regional and global managers can see a real-time map of facilities across geographies using standard units.

“Latin America is a hotbed of rapidly growing industrial operations trying to minimize costs and grow quickly amid a complex network of power grids,” said Jason Massey, Co-Founder and CEO of Ndustrial. “As one of the world’s largest food-producing regions, Latin America is a natural fit for our experience in the cold chain. We’re already seeing strong demand in multiple countries as customers seek to improve margins while reducing emissions and strengthening supply chains.”

Ndustrial’s AI-powered platform unites hard-to-access production and energy data to provide a real-time understanding of energy intensity, or the amount of energy required to create one unit of product. As a result, industrial organizations can adjust either energy use or production schedules to optimize their spend and emissions, helping companies stay ahead of unpredictable infrastructure.

Ndustrial has recently hired staff from Mexico, Chile, and Argentina and now has a full-time presence in Brazil. On 20 Jun. 2024, the company will be presenting ESG Best Practices for Cold Storage at the Brazilian Cold Chain Congress in São Paulo.

Ndustrial’s expansion comes on the heels of an $18.5mn Series B first close led by ABB and GS Energy in May. Its investments in globalized operations and product features are already paying off.

“It’s important to connect with clients directly and in their own language, using localized currency and units,” said José Lévican Asenjo, technical project manager at Ndustrial based in Brazil. “We’re seeing massive opportunities as our customers expand quickly and need to lock in efficiencies throughout their operations.”

“Our customers in Latin America are embracing cutting-edge technologies and energy management solutions, with IoT integration being a fundamental component of their strategy rather than an option,” said David Carrizales, Energy & IoT Solutions Manager at Ndustrial.


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