Fact Box: Petrobras’ Growth vs Sustaining CAPEX

(Petrobras, 28.Jul.2022) — Petrobras’ growth CAPEX corresponded to 64% of total capex in 2Q:22.

Growth CAPEX are those with the primary objective of increasing the capacity of existing assets, deploying new production, offloading, and storage assets, increasing asset efficiency or profitability, and deploying essential infrastructure to enable other growth projects. It includes acquisitions of assets/companies and remaining investments in systems that started up as of 2020 and exploratory investments.

Sustaining CAPEX, on the other hand, has the main objective of maintaining the operation of existing assets. It does not aim at increasing the capacity of the facilities. It includes investments in safety and reliability of facilities, replacement well projects, complementary development, remaining investments in systems that started up before 2020, scheduled stoppages and revitalizations (without new systems), 4D seismic, health, environment, and safety (HSE) projects, subsea line exchanges, operational infrastructure and information technology (IT).