NRGBriefs: Maduro Courts Arab Investments

(Energy Analytics Institute, 26.Dec.2021) — Energy briefs including Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro talking in a special interview w/ Arab media house Al Mayadeen broadcast on Venezuelan national TV; Venezuela’s GDP expected to rise 5% in 2022; Mammoet crews continue to assist w/ construction of Guajira I, in the municipality of Uribia, Colombia; and more.



Mammoet crews continue to assist w/ construction of Guajira I, in the municipality of Uribia, Colombia. “This is the first wind farm to be built in Colombia in 17 years,” the co. said on 24 Dec. 2021 over LinkedIn, adding that “beginning in 2022, it will deliver energy to the Colombian people.”


— Venezuela’s GDP is estimated to rise 5% in 2022, Sintesis Financiera Director Tamara Herrera said 24 Dec. 2021 during an interview w/ Germany’s DW TV.

Maduro during his interview with Al Mayadeen. Source: Venezuelan government.

— Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro granted a special interview on national TV on 26 Dec. 2021 to Arab media house Al Mayadeen. What follows are select excerpts from the interview conducted by journalist Ghassan Ben Jeddou:

– “The economy is growing again and this has had an economic impact on the citizens. This has been a good year and 2022 will be much better.”

– “Guaidó is only in his own failure.”

– “Elliott Abrahams sent a message to Cecilia, my wife, telling her to get a divorce from me and that they would allow her to take her family to the country of her choice. They also made me an offer to abandon Venezuela for another country, saying they would protect me.”

– “Some observers have said Venezuela has one of the most secure and advanced electoral system. Elections on 21 Nov. were the 29th in 21 years of the Bolivarian revolution and victory number 27. We are a real force than continues to renovate its leadership and plans.” 

– “The military is the spine of the revolution, of the democratic functioning and the republic’s resistance. It is independent of the US imperial.”

– “Venezuela continues to support Palestine. Palestine is screaming help.”

– “We have good relations with all the Arab countries from republics to monarchs. We have political dialogue and permanent… and we protect petroleum prices and the petroleum market.”

– “Come and invest in Venezuela. Venezuela is the country of opportunities. We give all the guarantees: constitutional and legal for investments in oil, gas, petrochemicals, tourism, gold, diamonds, iron, steel, aluminum and the production of foodstuffs.”

– “The governments of Iran and Venezuela are working closely on new plans with the new president Ebrahim Raisi regarding relations between both countries. Soon, I will travel to Tehran so that we can meet each other in person and sign new agreements and accelerate cooperation agreements between both countries.”


— Ownership in Suriname’s Block 5 now consist of Shell (WI 20%), CSEL (40%) and Paradise Oil Company (WI 40%), according to recent details revealed by the South American country’s state oil co. Staatsolie.


By Ian Silverman, Aaron Simonsky and Piero Stewart. © Energy Analytics Institute (EAI). All Rights Reserved.