The SEOGS2021: Day 2 Brief

(Energy Advance, 2.Jun.2021) — Day 2 at SEOGS saw the total audience grown to 624 participants with over 509 engaged users.

We welcomed the theme of sustainable development of natural resources for the benefit of all and covered topics of oil and gas best practice, HSSE, FPSO’s, drilling and deepwater technology, infrastructure and financing large projects, shorebases, gas strategies, staying green and a green development strategy as well as a look at local content case studies from around the world.

Day 3 and the final day of Staatsolie’s SEOGS 2021 – Virtual Edition is hosted under the theme of Diversification, Industrialisation and Job Creation. The morning open with a keynote presentation by Rekha Bissumbhar, Director Upstream, Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. on 40 Years Onshore Operations on Local Support. This sets the scene for the day and is followed up by sessions on Infrastructure and Services to Support the Oil & Gas Sector, Delivering on Industrialisation and Economic Diversification and as part of our women advance global series a session focused on Improving and Establishing Gender Diversity Opportunities.

The afternoon consists of 3 local content workshops. As you may have heard yesterday Florival Mucave, CEO, Mozambique Oil and Gas Chamber, Republic of Mozambique who was chairing the local content session on Case Studies from Around the World spoke about local content being the inclusion of society, of local business and entrepreneurs. It is within the spirit and ethos of this statement that today’s local content workshops have been designed and opened up to all.

Editor’s Note: Energy Analytics Institute (EAI) is an official media partner for SEOGS2021.


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