The SEOGS2021: Day 1 Brief

(Energy Advance, 1.Jun.2021) — The first day at SEOGS 2021 saw an incredible 454 unique viewers tuning in from over 170 different companies to hear from the President, government of Suriname and the NOC and event host Staatsolie.

Major IOC’s, NOC’s and independents spoke about their current and future plans and much was discussed about the perspectivity of Suriname both offshore and onshore. Suriname is certainly open for business and with planet of ongoing appraisals, drilling, seismic activity and future licencing rounds on the horizon it will remain a global hot spot for E&P activity for many years to come. The day finished with a geopolitical discussion on how Suriname’s new resource wealth can lead to not only prosperity but a stronger voice and leadership role in the region.

If you missed any of yesterday’s sessions everything will be made available on demand this Friday. With over 605 active participants the platform will remain open until next Friday the 11th so if you haven’t started using the match service to make those all-important connections and host one to one video calls during SEOGS then now is the time to start sending meeting requests.

Given Suriname’s anticipated role as a global E&P hotspot for many years to come the theme of Day 2, ‘Sustainable Development of Natural Resources for the Benefit of All’ becomes even more important. As such we are delighted to welcome regional and global Vice Presidents from Shell, Hess Corporation and APA Corporation for the opening session looking at Oil & Gas Best Practices and Lessons learnt from Around the World. This follows a presentation for Suriname’s environment agency and sets the scene for a content heavy and engaging day 2.

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The opening session will be followed by subsequent sessions covering topics identified as paramount for the sustainable development of Suriname’s energy sector including; FPSO’s, drilling and deepwater technology, infrastructure and financing large projects, shorebases, gas strategies, staying green and a green development strategy as well as a look at local content case studies from around the world.

Another day not to be missed and with engagement levels so high at this week’s summit don’t forget to send and accept those meeting requests.

Editor’s Note: Energy Analytics Institute (EAI) is an official media partner for SEOGS2021.