LatAm Briefs: NGCs’ Methane Initiatives, Deloitte’s Decarbonization Challenge 2030

(Energy Analytics Institute, 19.May.2021) — Energy briefs from the Latin America and Caribbean region including: The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC)’s methane initiatives the Deloitte’s 2030 decarbonization challenge. [PDF Downloads]

The National Gas Company’s Methane Initiatives [PDF Download]

NGC revealed details about its methane initiatives and other green agenda projects.

The 2030 Decarbonization Challenge [PDF Download]

The global energy mix is shifting from fossil fuels to renewables. There are abundant examples of both public and private organizations working hard to decarbonize the economy, according to Deloitte. As this energy transformation or “Green Deal” gains momentum, new ecosystems are forming and new technologies are emerging. More details here from Deloitte.


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