Colombia Production Falls Below 700,000 B/D On Protests, Road Blockages

(Energy Analytics Institute, 19.May.2021) — Ongoing protests and road blockades in Colombia have caused more than 560,000 barrels of oil to stop being produced in the first two weeks of May 2021, the worst decline in terms of hydrocarbon production since 2009, the country’s Mines and Energy Minister Diego Mesa said.

Oil production in Colombia has fallen below 700,000 barrels per day, Mesa announced in an official agency statement on 19 May 2021.

Similarly, Mesa pointed out that around 45% of the country’s service or petrol stations have seen their sales negatively impacted during the two weeks of protests, with many announcing sales declines in excess of 50%.

Additionally, Mesa announced that Colombia had also stopped producing about 150,000 tons of coal, while coal exports were down around 200,000 tons in the same two week period.


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