Petrobras Receives “Dragon” Supercomputer

(Petrobras, 21.Dec.2020) — Petrobras started to receive the equipment that compose the supercomputer called “Dragon”, a high performance computer aiming at a greater geophysical processing performance, reducing geological and operational risks.

Petrobras has increased investment in high-performance computers and, in less than two years, it has put into production nine supercomputers, including the two largest in Latin America (Atlas and Fenix), which also have the function to process geophysical data. Dragon will have a geophysical processing capacity superior to Atlas and Fenix together.

To transport the supercomputer it was used ten trucks and if it were installed in a single row, it would be more than 34 meters long. With 100 terabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory), a network of 100 gigabits per second, and millions of mathematical processors, the Dragon supercomputer will have processing capacity equivalent to four million cellphones or one hundred thousand modern laptops. 

The supercomputer will meet the current needs of most of Petrobras’ geophysical data processing and also those arising from strategic programs such as EXP100 (to have 100% success in exploratory projects) and PROD1000 (to start production in 1,000 days after the discovery). Algorithms developed by our geophysicists and systems analysts will be used, enabling the generation of subsurface images with higher resolution in areas of interest for oil and natural gas exploration and production optimization, in addition to substantially reduction of processing time.

The supercomputer assembly process can last up to three months, going through final adjustments, with software installation and assisted operation. The start of operation with full production is scheduled for the second half of 2021.