KOMAX Desuperheaters Generating Energy

(Komax, 15.Dec.2020) — Komax Systems, Inc., has created a desuperheater that works for both gas and steam applications and is helping harness the energy of the future, liquified natural gas (LNG).

The Purpose of Desuperheaters

Desuperheaters are used to precisely control the temperature and pressure of steam in a variety of industries, including power generation, food processing, pulp, paper, and textiles. In addition to keeping steam at the exact temperature needed for production, the use of desuperheaters can provide serious cost reductions in relation to legacy methods of steam management.

LNG as an Energy Source

Liquified natural gas (LNG) is considered to be the energy source of the future.  The applications require desuperheaters for cooling functions. LNG is a gas that converts into liquid when in a highly cooled state.

LNG plants and LNG terminals are finding that Komax desuperheaters are helping them operate at lower costs. Demand for the best technology is high and Komax is providing a complete solution.

What Makes the Komax Desuperheater Revolutionary?

The Komax Desuperheater design is what makes it a sought-after piece of equipment within the LNG industry. The desuperheater has six stable mixing elements built into it and three stages of mixing.

In addition to the mixing stages, the LNG Desuperheater incorporates the patented Equalizer™ mixing module. This revolutionary module allows for cooling to happen instantly as it leaves the device, which means that it does not need nearly as extensive of a downstream pipe lay length as in other designs.

The benefits of the mixing module are that it takes up less space, has accurate temperature control, and eliminates thermal fatigue in the piping. The results are ensured safety and less wearing and tear, so there is very little downtime for the plant’s operations.

Komax Will Continue to Build Custom Solutions

The Komax Desuperheater not only increases the efficiency and effectiveness of natural gas and LNG desuperheating applications, it is also available at a cost-effective price point.  Komax will continue to innovate solutions that will keep the LNG industry moving forward and generating the energy of the future.