Bolivia Briefs: Elections, Responses From Abroad

(Energy Analytics Institute, 19.Oct.2020) — Bolivia brief related to general elections held 18 October 2020 as well as initial responses from abroad.

Bolivia’s Arce Says His Election Has “Recovered Hope”

Bolivian leader Luis Arce, from the Movement Towards Socialism or MAS party, has been announced the clear winner in the country’s general election held on 18 October.

Bolivia’s newly elected President Luis Arce said in Facebook post video that his election had “recovered hope” to the land-locked country.

Argentina’s President Applauds Arce’s Victory

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández applauded the results of Bolivia’s general election, saying it was good news.

“The victory in Bolivia it is not only good news for those of us who defend democracy in Latin America, it’s also an act of justice in the face of the aggression suffered by the Bolivian people,” Fernández said in a twitter post on 19 October.

Spain’s Más País Deputy Comments on Elections

Spanish deputy Íñigo Errejón of the Más País or MP party commented on the election results in Bolivia.

“The Movement Toward Socialism once again wins the elections in Bolivia, in this case by more than 20 points,” said Errejón in a twitter post on 19 October. “The coup d’état only served to cause pain and misery, but it has not defeated the will of the Bolivian people to build a democratic and just homeland for all.”


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