LatAm Briefs: Biking Cuts Emissions, Reficar Case Ruling

(Energy Analytics Institute, 4.Apr.2021) — Energy briefs from the Latin America and Caribbean region including: biking reducing transport emissions by 67% and Colombia’s comptroller general preparing a tax ruling for the Reficar case.

Biking Reduces Transport Emissions By 67%

Switching from the car to the bicycle reduces transport emissions by 67%, according to research led by Christian Brand, a professor of transport at the University of Oxford. The research analyzed data from more than 3,800 people in seven cities, the daily El Espectador reported 4 April 2021.

Comptroller General Prepares Tax Ruling For Reficar Case

Almost three years after Colombia’s comptroller general issued an indictment of fiscal responsibility against 20 people linked to the Reficar case, the controlling body is refining details to release a ruling on the alleged irregularities related to work to modernize the Cartagena refinery.

In the ruling, the comptroller will determine whether to maintain its hypothesis and prosecute those investigated.

Planned work for $3.8bn ended up costing $8.3bn, reported the daily newspaper El Tiempo on 4 April 2021.


By Aaron Simonsky and Piero Stewart. © Energy Analytics Institute (EAI). All Rights Reserved.