PetroEcuador Starts Work On Two SOTE Variants

(Energy Analytics Institute, 5.Feb.2021) — EP PetroEcuador has commenced preventive work to protect the integrity of the Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System (SOTE) with construction of two additional variants to the four already existing.

The natural phenomenon of regressive and lateral erosion of the Quijos River (Alto Coca) and its tributaries is still active in the San Rafael area, which represents a risk to the SOTE, state oil giant PetroEcuador announced 5 February 2021 in an official statement.

“We are working on two variants simultaneously to safeguard the integrity of the pipeline that transports Ecuadorian crude and that is fundamental for the country’s economy, PetroEcuador General Manager Gonzalo Maldonado announced in the statement. “All these tasks are carried out by direct administration and by company technicians.”

PetroEcuador plans to invest $3.6mn in the construction of the two variants. Work is slated to end in March 2021 but will depend on weather conditions due to the occurrence of heavy rains in the area.

The fifth variant will have an extension of approximately 603 meters. The sixth variant will have an extension of approximately 763 meters and will be in the San Luis sector, located on the provincial border between Napo and Sucumbíos.

PetroEcuador invested close to $6.9mn in the construction of the four variants and a by-pass that were carried out in 2019, the company said.


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