Ecuador Announces PPS For Renewable Projects

(Energy Analytics Institute, 8.Sep.2020) — Ecuador revealed details of a public selection process (PPS) for a private sector concession for a block of non-conventional renewable energy projects, also known as ERNC by its Spanish acronym, with a potential of 200 megawatts (MW).

Private investment of up to $300mn is expected, as well as the transfer of cutting-edge technology for the use of these energy sources and the development of new jobs, announced minister René Ortiz Durán, head of Ecuador Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources (MENRNR), in an ministry statement on 8 September 2020.

The projects will take advantage of resources such as: the power of rivers and wind, solar radiation, and biomass for the generation of clean energy, hydroelectric projects, and photovoltaic.

These projects are in different regions of the South American country, depending on the primary resource available, site conditions, environmental and logistic considerations, MENRNR said in the statement.

The projects include small hydroelectric projects such as: Angamarca – Sidne (30 MW), in Cotopaxi; Caluma – Pasagua (4.03 MW) and Tigreurco (3.44 MW), in Bolívar; Juvial – Púlpito (27 MW), in Cañar; Infiernillos (19.64 MW) and Huapamala (5.20 MW), in Loja.


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