EP PetroEcuador To Invest $700,000 In Pipe Replacement

(Energy Analytics Institute, Piero Stewart, 22.Dec.2019) — EP PetroEcuador announced that technicians from the company will carry out installation of a new 5.6-kilometer stretch of pipeline tubing that transports Cutter Stock diluent used at the Las Esmeraldas Refinery.

Work on the pipeline section will last an estimated ten months and require an investment of $700,000, EP PetroEcuador announced 22 Dec. in an official statement.

The new portion of the pipeline will replace the old section that stretches from Playa de Balao to the refinery. The change in the pipeline tubing is due to the presence of high levels of corrosion along the older section, which was detected after a technical inspection.

Since the pipeline crosses a wide vegetation area, the change in the tubing was considered essential to ensure continued safe, efficient and reliable operations, EP PetroEcuador said.

Cutter Stock is a diluent used to reduce the viscosity in the production of Fuel Oil No. 6, which is used for power generation.


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