Sixth Vaca Muerta Executive Board Meeting In Neuquén

(Energy Analytics Institute, Aaron Simonsky, 14.Jun.2019) — The 6th Vaca Muerta Executive Board meeting took place 14 June in Neuquén in the presence of the Neuquén Governor Omar Gutiérrez and Argentina’s Energy Secretariat Gustavo Lopetegui.

During the meetings, several sub-working table groups comprised of representatives of the national and provincial governments as well as companies and unions reviewed progress made on issues, reported Argentina’s Energy Secretariat in an official statement.

The working table groups were comprised of the following: upstream and midstream; infrastructure; value chain and supplier development; intensive use of gas for development of the economy; productivity, training and job security; social and environmental aspects; and refining and marketing of liquid fuels.

Within the value-chain and supplier development table, discussions centered on implementation of electronic credit invoice systems for the sector, which will allow small-to-medium enterprise suppliers to have more accessible financing options.

Another table discussed issues related to the competitiveness of the productive sector with incorporation of emerging technologies such as the use of big data, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and design, among others, the Energy Secretariat said.


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