Three Companies Interested in Esmeraldas Overhaul

(Energy Analytics Institute, 16.Jun.2016, Clifford Fingers III) – Three companies, Adelca, Novacero and Practipower, presented their bids to buy an estimated 6,500 tons of salvage left over from the Esmeraldas Refinery overhaul.

A total of 29 companies from Ecuador were qualified to present bids for salvage from the Esmeraldas Refinery such as electronic equipment, furnaces, bulbs, reactors and other pieces that were replaced during the recent overhaul of the refinery, reported EP PetroEcuador in an official statement on its website.

The bids will be analyzed and a winner will be announced within 48 hours, said Omar Quijano, an EP PetroEcuador executive with the law division within the state oil company.


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