Stena Places order for two new E-Flexer RoPax vessels

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(Stena RoRo, 28.Jun.2024) — Stena RoRo has ordered another two E-Flexer RoPax vessels from the Chinese shipyard CMI Jinling (Weihai). The vessels will be delivered in 2027 to the Greek shipping company Attica Group and will operate in the Adriatic Sea. This is Stena RoRo’s fourteenth and fifteenth vessel in the E-Flexer series.

The two vessels will be on long-term charter agreements to the Attica Group with an option to purchase and a potential option for two more vessels.

The E-Flexer series is based on a concept with larger vessels than today’s standard RoPax ferries and is very flexible. Each ship is tailored to the customers’ needs, both commercially and technically. Optimized design of the hull, propellers and rudders, together with possibilities to incorporate new environmentally friendly technologies, help to ensure that the E-Flexer vessels are at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, performance and cost effectiveness.

The vessels’ engines are of the multi-fuel type and can run on conventional marine fuel (HFO or MGO) or biodiesel. In addition, the engines are methanol ready. The E-Flexer concept has been designed in line with future environmental requirements and, through its technical design, can meet both existing and future international requirements by a wide margin. The vessels will be designed with the classification society notation “Battery power” which means that in the future the vessels will also be able to utilize batteries as a means of propulsion, partly or completely, depending on the battery development.

Panos Dikaios, CEO, Attica Group commented:
“For three decades, the Attica Group has been renewed through the design and construction of new vessels. The Superfast series redefined the Adriatic ferry market in terms of quality and speed, the sister vessels Blue Star Patmos and Blue Star Delos significantly upgraded the travel experience on the Aegean Sea routes and the latest addition, the three state-of-the-art Aero Highspeed, have already contributed substantially to the increase of visitors to the Saronic Islands. Our agreement with Stena RoRo for the charter of two new state-of-the-art vessels, sets new standards for the entire Greek ferry industry. It drastically reduces our environmental footprint, redefines the travel experience and responds dynamically to the challenges of tomorrow.” 

Per Westling, VD Stena RoRo stated:
“The E-Flexer vessels to Attica have been jointly designed and ordered as the most bespoke E-Flexers so far. The design is extremely versatile, and the ships will, with their inherent flexibility of different fuels, battery hybrid operation and many other fuel saving features, play an important role in the green transition of the Attica Superfast Adriatic RoPax service.”

Stena RoRo currently has 15 confirmed orders for E-Flexer vessels, as well as two so-called “New Max” RoRo vessels, at CMI Jinling, Weihai shipyard. Ten ships have been delivered.

Specification of Stena E-Flexer orders: 

1.  Stena Line: Stena Line network in the Irish Sea; delivery 2019

2.  Stena Line: Stena Line network in the Irish Sea; delivery 2020

3.  Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries network; delivery 2020
          Long charter agreement

4.  Stena Line: Stena Line network in the Irish Sea; delivery 2021

5.  DFDS; DFDS network; delivery 2021 
          Long-term charter agreement

6.  Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries network; delivery 2021
          Long-term charter agreement; LNG operation

7.  Stena Line; Stena Line network, delivery May 2022 from the shipyard
          Extended version

8.  Stena Line; Stena Line network, delivery September 2022 from the shipyard
          Extended version

9.  Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries network; delivery December 2022
          Long-term charter agreement; LNG operation

10.  Marine Atlantic; Marine Atlantic network, delivery February 2024
          Long charter agreement; LNG operation with battery-hybrid installation

11.  Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries network, delivery 2024
          Long charter agreement; LNG operation with battery-hybrid installation

12.  Brittany Ferries: Brittany Ferries network, delivery 2025
          Long charter agreement; LNG operation with battery-hybrid installation

13.  Corsica Linea, Corsica Linea network, delivery 2026
          LNG operation with battery-hybrid installation

14.  Attica Group, delivery April 2027
          Methanol ready, battery-hybrid installation

15.  Attica Group, delivery August 2027
          Methanol ready, battery-hybrid installation

About E-flexer No. 14 and 15:
Length: 240 m
Draught: 6.4 m
Beam: 27.8 m
Capacity: 1500 passengers and 3320 cargo meters freight
Passenger cabins: 256
Speed: 24 knots


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