NGC and bpTT Ink Collaboration Deal to Explore Energy Sector Synergies

(NGC, 13.Oct.2022) — The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and bp Trinidad and Tobago (bpTT) signed a collaboration agreement to explore opportunities for cooperation in several focus areas of mutual interest within the energy industry. The agreement, which was signed on 12 October 2022, serves to strengthen the relationship and leverage synergies between the two companies.

Collaborative discussions on matters concerning technical operations is one of pillars within the agreement. This allows for greater dialogue to coordinate efforts around process safety, asset integrity and an overall improvement in the reliability of supply and infrastructure availability. The opportunities for technical cooperation extend into the monitoring, measuring and reporting of methane emissions, a mutual focus area well suited for both NGC and bpTT as members of the Global Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP).

Beyond operational and technical activities, the agreement creates a space for considering opportunities within the green agenda, which will seek to support the targets of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Contribution (NDC). On their own, both parties have invested in efforts toward transitioning the local energy sector to a low carbon future. Working together has the potential to produce a cumulative impact on green agenda objectives for NGG and bpTT, as well as the country.

The agreement also facilitates knowledge sharing between the two companies which will serve to bolster the institutional capacity of both parties as well as the larger energy sector.

bpTT’s President David Campbell shared that the signing of the collaborative agreement with NGC was an important milestone in strengthening the partnership between the two companies. He said “This agreement provides the framework from which we can collaborate and partner on multiple fronts to not only enhance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our gas businesses but to also support the country in advancing its energy transition goals. This is important to sustaining Trinidad and Tobago’s world class gas industry and finding innovative solutions to reducing carbon emissions and participating in emerging green energy markets. I look forward to having greater impact through working together, sharing knowledge and best practices and collaborating to deliver solutions for a sustainable energy future.”

NGC President Mark Loquan remarked that the signing of the collaborative agreement demonstrates NGC’s commitment to forging strategic partnerships that will ultimately secure and enhance the company’s business. He noted that that agreement has now formalised the collaborative relationship that NGC and bpTT have nurtured over the many years of operating alongside each other within the natural gas value chain. According to the NGC President “NGC is eager to continue the active work of collaborating with bpTT and leveraging our combined resources for further development and sustainability of the local energy sector”. As it relates to the green agenda, a strategic focus for the company, he shared that “NGC will continue to push for enhanced exchange and joint effort as we strengthen our systems and pursue low carbon initiatives to progress the energy transition”