US DOE Approves Golden Pass and Magnolia LNG Export Projects

(LNG Allies, 27.Apr.2022) — The US Department of Energy (DOE) approved the requests from two US LNG export project sponsors to increase the volume of US natural gas that can be exported from their facilities:

  • Golden Pass LNG in Sabine Pass, Texas, was authorized to increase the volume of its LNG exports from 15.6 million tons per annum (mtpa) to 18.1 mtpa. The Golden Pass project is under construction and is expected to ship its first LNG in the second half of 2024. Link to Golden Pass Approval
  • Magnolia LNG project in Lake Charles, Louisiana, was authorized to increase the volume of its LNG exports from 8.0 mtpa to 8.8 mtpa. The Magnolia project is not yet under construction. Link to Magnolia LNG Approval

Fred H. Hutchison, CEO of LNG Allies said the following regarding the same: “It is gratifying to see that DOE is continuing to support increased levels of US LNG exports. By lifting the export ceilings on the Golden Pass and Magnolia LNG projects, Energy Secretary Granholm and her team have again demonstrated the administration’s commitment to making more US LNG available to America’s allies. While it will be a few years before the additional LNG volumes actually hit the market, today’s action continues to show that the administration understands how important US LNG exports are for both energy security and climate progress.”