Petrobras On LPG Focused Social Program

(Petrobras, 22.Dec.2021) — Petrobras, following up on the releases disclosed on 29 September and 8 December 2021, informs that its Board of Directors approved the allocation of R$270mn that will be used throughout 2022 in the social program of access to cooking gas cylinders (liquefied petroleum gas – LPG) for vulnerable families. The amount is in addition to the R$30mn allocated in 2021, totaling R$300mn by the end of 2022.

Petrobras foresees three lines of action that may benefit up to three million people. In the first, part of the resources will be destined to the communities that neighbor the operations, by means of socialenvironmental projects that already work in partnership with Petrobras. In the second line of action, Petrobras will make financial donations to institutions that carry out food collection campaigns and have great capillarity and operational capacity. In the third line, Petrobras will make a financial donation for the purchase of cooking gas by non-profit institutions that supply food to homeless people in large urban centers.

In all three cases, the beneficiaries will be previously defined by the partner institutions in the municipalities and communities each initiative covers, considering pre-defined criteria.

This initiative reinforces Petrobras’ social responsibility role and shows its commitment to increasingly contribute to the society.