Petrobras Gets Approval For Petros Plan 3

(Petrobras, 27.Jan.2021) — Petrobras, following up on the release disclosed on 18 January 2021, informs that the Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of StateOwned Companies (SEST) and the National Private Pension Superintendence (PREVIC) approved the Petros Plan 3 (PP-3).

PP-3 will be a private pension option exclusively aimed to voluntary and timely migration of participants and those assisted by Petrobras Renegotiated and Non-Renegotiated Petrobras System’s Petro plans (PPSP-R and PPSP-NR), both of them created after the 1970s.

The start of operation of the new plan is expected for the second quarter of 2021.b