Petrobras On Payment Of Interest On Capital

(Petrobras, 3.Feb.2020) — Petrobras informs that will pay, on Friday 7 February 2020, the third and fourth installments of shareholders remuneration for the 2019 fiscal year, both of those as Interest on Capital (IOC), based on shareholding positions as of 11/11/2019 and 12/26/2019, respectively, following up to the press releases disclosed on 10/24/2019 and 12/18/2019. 

The amount of the installments to be paid will be adjusted by Selic interest rate from 12/31/2019 to 02/07/2020 according to the calculations of the monetary restatement as listed below:

On the amounts of IOC will be subject the applicable tax rate.

On the amounts corresponding to monetary restatement there will be an income tax rate of 22.5%.

The income tax withholdings, mentioned above, will not be applied to shareholders who legally prove their immune and exempt status.

The IOC not claimed within three years, as of the date of payment (02/07/2020), will expire and will be reverted in favor of the company (Law 6404/76, Article 287, Item II, subitem a).


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