Petrobras’ Offers Voluntary Severance Program

(Petrobras, 26.Sep.2019) — Petrobras reports that it has approved a new Voluntary Severance Program (“PDV”) exclusively for employees working in the company’s corporate segment. The initiative is part of the ongoing effort to make the company more sustainable with an efficient staff management.

This is the third PDV offered this year to its employees. Each is directed to specific audiences and with their own rules. The first is for INSS retirees until June 2020 (PDV 2019). The second is part of the Personnel Plan of the Active Portfolio Management Program (Specific PDV) and is directed to employees of divestment units. All three programs provide the same legal advantages and indemnities.

Petrobras reaffirms its commitment to transparency and respect for all its employees. The company seeks to create conditions for professionals to make the best choice, always maintaining its commitment to ethics, transparency and the highest levels of operational safety and efficiency.


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