Capstone Green Reveals Cooling App For Llanogas

(Capstone, 20.Oct.2021) — Capstone Green Energy Corporation (NASDAQ:CGRN) announced that Supernova Energy Services, Capstone’s exclusive distributor for Colombia and Venezuela, secured an order for a three-bay C400 Signature Series microturbine to be installed in a cogeneration application and supply electricity and cooling for Llanogas, a leading natural gas utility company in Colombia.

The success and demonstrated benefits of a pilot project at Llanogas’ headquarters in Villacencio, Meta, Colombia led officials to install a three-bay natural-gas fueled C400S microturbine package at a nearby office complex located near El Barzal. The system is the first district cooling application in the country. In this application, cold water is produced in a centralized location for distribution to buildings like offices and factories through a network of insulated underground pipes. District cooling offers a modern, efficient way to air condition a network of buildings in cities or complexes and contribute to improving a reliable energy infrastructure.

“Carbon reduction practices are evolving in exciting new ways, and energy efficiency strategies are evolving with them,” said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Green Energy. “Capstone solutions deliver essential power reliability and energy efficiency that energy dense customers require, which, in turn, improves their return on investment. At the same time, our systems lower their carbon footprint,” added Mr. Jamison.

Committed to the care and preservation of the environment, Llanogas officials actively sought a cogeneration solution that would offset their carbon footprint and maximize overall energy efficiency. Capstone’s innovative technology was selected for its scalability, resiliency, and ability to reduce energy costs while simultaneously reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

“This will be an iconic project in the city of Villavicencio, it being the first dedicated office complex with the capacity to provide cooling for several adjacent buildings and trend setting technologically with the cooling water energy storage,” said Nestor Moseres, President of Supernova Energy Services.