Bahia LNG Import Terminal Leasing Deal Advances

(Energy Analytics Institute, 26.Aug.2021) — Brazil’s state oil company Petrobras said the leasing process for the LNG Regasification Terminal of Bahia (TR-BA) and associated facilities continues to move forward with Excelerate Energy Comercializadora de Gás Natural Ltda. advancing to the qualification stage.

Effectively, the “verification stage of the effectiveness of the commercial proposal and negotiation, provided for in the Call for Tender, was concluded,” Petrobras announced 26 August 2021 in an official statement.

“Once all the necessary documentation for the evaluation of Excelerate’s legal and economic-financial aspects is received and Excelerate has met all the requirements foreseen in the Call for Tender, the process will be forwarded for approval by the competent Petrobras authorities, aiming at the authorization to execute the lease contractual instruments,” the Rio de Janeiro-based company said.

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The LNG Regasification Terminal of Bahia (TR-BA)

The TR-BA consists of an inshore terminal with all the required facilities for mooring a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) vessel and an LNG supply vessel in a side-by-side configuration. The maximum regasification flow rate of TR-BA is 20 million cubic meters per day or MMcm/d (@ 1 atm and 20 ° C), according to Petrobras.

The integrated pipeline is 45 km long and 28 inches in diameter and connects TR-BA to two delivery points, São Francisco do Conde Pressure Reducing Station and São Sebastião do Passé Flow Control Station.


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