Ecopetrol On Shareholders’ Meeting

(Ecopetrol, 29.Mar.2021) — Ecopetrol S.A. announced that at the ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting, held on 26 March 2021, the company’s Shareholders approved the following:

1.  The earnings distribution proposal presented for their consideration, which establishes the distribution of an ordinary dividend per share of seventeen pesos (COP$ 17).

The dividend will be paid to all shareholders in a single installment on 22 April 2021.

2.  The appointment of its Board of Directors as follows:

Non Independent Representative:

  • Germán Quintero Rojas

Independent Representatives:

  • Cecilia María Vélez White
  • Luis Guillermo Echeverri Vélez
  • Juan Emilio Posada Echeverri
  • Sergio Restrepo Isaza
  • Luis Santiago Perdomo Maldonado
  • Esteban Piedrahíta Uribe
  • Hernando Ramírez Plazas (postulated by representatives of the hydrocarbon producing departments)
  • Carlos Gustavo Cano Sanz (postulated by ten (10) minority shareholders with major shareholding)

3.  The appointment of Ernst & Young Audit S.A.S as the External Auditor for 2021 and the option to use in 2022.

4.  The revision to the bylaws proposed by company Management

Once duly ratified and recorded in the commercial registry, the company will issue an additional press release to inform of the same.