BP Energy Acquires Encino Environmental Services, LLC

(BP, 17.Nov.2020) — BP Energy Partners, LLC (BPEP) announced acquisition of Encino Environmental Services, LLC, an environmental consulting and services business that enables compliance with government regulations along with providing carbon emissions benchmarking and mitigation strategies to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Encino specializes in emissions performance testing, leak detection and repair (LDAR), continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMs), and advanced environmental data and reporting software for the identification, measurement and minimization of emissions including methane monitoring and waste gas management. 

Encino was founded in 2010 to provide a broad array of environmental and regulatory compliance solutions within the upstream and midstream energy sectors along with marine, power, industrial, mining, and other sectors. The Company’s mobile testing laboratories allow for rapid deployment to meet customers emissions testing needs and regulatory requirements. Engineering expertise provides the capability to assess, design, and implement an array of strategies to address complex environmental projects.

The acquisition of Encino expands BPEP’s portfolio of companies focused on environmental services and testing to comply with federal, state, local, and corporate air emissions standards to achieve ESG policy goals.