Venezuela Briefs: Amuay Explosion; Cardon Gasoline

(Energy Analytics Institute, 27.Oct.2020) — Refinery briefs from Venezuela on another explosion at Petróleos de Venezuela’s Amuay refinery and the restart of gasoline production at its Cardon refinery. Both refineries are located in Punto Fijo, Venezuela.

Explosion At PDVSA’s Amuay Refinery

Source: Luis Stefanelli

An explosion at PDVSA’s Amuay refinery impacted the the number 4 plant. The vacuum tower was split in two, said Luis Stefanelli, an opposition lawmaker on the National Assembly’s energy committee.

“It was at the alkylation plant where there’s hydrofluoric acid,” he said in a twitter post on 27 October 2020.

Cardon Restarts Gasoline Production

The reformer plant at PDVSA’s Cardon refinery re started operations and achieved production of 27,000 barrels per day of gasoline.

“There is no guarantee of sustained operations,” Eudis Girot, Executive Director with the Unitary Federation of Petroleum Workers of Venezuela (FUTPV by its Spanish acronym) said in a twitter post on 17 October.


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