Petrobras Informs On Sale Of Liquigás: Publication Of The New Teaser

(Petrobras, 9.Apr.2019) — Petrobras, following up on the press release disclosed on 04/05/2019, regarding the competitive sale process of 100% of Liquigás Distribuidora SA, informs that the new Teaser, which contains the main information about the opportunity, as well as wider eligibility criteria for the selection of potential participants, is available at Petrobras website:

The new Teaser is in line with Petrobras’ disinvestment methodology, as well as with Decree 9.188/17 and replaces in its entirety the one released on 03/29/2019.

The adjustments made are intended to increase the competitiveness of the process, making possible the participation of investors from other sectors, and mitigating competitive risks and market concentration. The new deadline for the expression of interest is 04/19/2019.


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