Air BP Nationalization In Bolivia “Technically” Not Finalized

(Energy Analytics Institute, Jared Yamin, 14.Oct.2018) — Bolivia’s Hydrocarbon Minister Luis Alberto Sánchez, acknowledged that nationalization of Air BP, a subsidiary of British Petroleum, in charge of marketing jet fuel and airplane gasoline, wasn’t completed due to lawsuit filed by Aerosur.

“We haven’t finalized the transfer of shares in Air BP to YPFB due to a contingency problem resulting from a lawsuit brought about by Aerosur relating to Air BP,” reported the daily El Diario, citing Sánchez. “As long as it’s not resolved, we can’t move forward,” he said.

On May 1, 2009, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced nationalization of Air BP through Supreme Decree 111, and ordered the Bolivian Armed Forces to intervene in the company.

Although the shares of Air BP haven’t officially been transferred to the Bolivian state, Sanchez assured the nationalization decree related to the company had been fulfilled.

“YPFB has control of the company,” he affirmed.


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