Aris Mining Announces Results of Special Meeting

(Aris Mining, 11.May.2023) — Aris Mining Corporation (TSX: ARIS) (OTCQX: TPRFF) reports voting results from its annual general and special meeting of shareholders held earlier today.

AGM Voting Results

Shareholders holding 66,380,109 shares or 48.72% of the outstanding shares of the company were represented by proxy at the meeting. The voting results from the meeting are as follows:

Election of Directors

The number of directors to be elected was fixed at nine and the following directors were elected to the company’s Board:

NomineeVotes for% forVotes withheld% withheld
Ian Telfer61,668,48699.48 %325,1510.52 %
Neil Woodyer61,813,82399.71 %179,8140.29 %
Daniela Cambone61,771,01199.64 %222,6260.36 %
Mónica de Greiff61,770,29399.64 %223,3440.36 %
David Garofalo55,706,47389.86 %6,287,16410.14 %
Serafino Iacono54,867,19288.50 %7,126,44511.50 %
Peter Marrone61,480,14699.17 %513,4910.83 %
Hernan Martinez60,935,11098.29 %1,058,5271.71 %
Attie Roux61,791,36199.67 %202,2760.33 %

Appointment of Auditors

KPMG LLP were re-appointed as auditors of the company for the ensuing year with their remuneration to be set by the Board.

Votes for% forVotes withheld% withheld
KPMG LLP66,283,14199.85 %96,9680.15 %

Approval of Amended and Restated Stock Option Plan

Also today, the company’s shareholders voted in favour of an ordinary resolution approving the amended and restated stock option plan of the company and all unallocated entitlement thereunder.

Votes for% forVotes against% against
Stock option plan resolution42,827,18069.08 %19,166,45630.92 %