Colombia Registers 25 Pipeline Attacks To Date

(Energy Analytics Institute, Piero Stewart, 5.May.2020) — Four Colombian pipelines have been attached at least 25 times to date in 2020, according to data revealed by the country’s state oil company Ecopetrol.

The Caño-Limón-Coveñas pipeline has reported 15 attacks in three departments as follows: Arauca Department in Arauquita municipal (5), Saravena municipal (4); Norte de Santander Department in Toledo municipal (2), Sardinata municipal (1), El Tarra municipal (1); and Boyacá Department in Cubará municipal (2)

The OTA has reported eight attacks in the Nariño Department in the following municipals: Mallama (2); Barbocoas (1); Ricaute (2); Tumaco (1); Aldana (1); and Guachucal (1).

The Bicentenario pipeline has registered one attack in Arauca Department in the Fortul municipal, while the Ayacucho-Galán pipeline has registered one attack in Cesar Department in the Aguachica municipal.

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